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Cost of a Nose Job

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Nose Job

There are a number of factors that can have an impact on the total cost of a nose job. Below are some of the factors associated with the bottom line for this kind of procedure:

  • Geographic location where the procedure is performed
  • The skill and training level of the surgeon performing the surgery
  • How complicated the nose job procedure is going to be
  • Cost associated with the use of the facility
  • Fees associated with anesthesia
  • Miscellaneous costs associated with additional medications
  • Length of time the patient must take off from work
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The cost of a nose job is usually between $3,000 and $15,000, though if you are having a revision rhinoplasty (a second nose job), the cost of the procedure could go as high as $30,000.

Where you have your surgery performed plays an important role in the overall cost of the procedure. If you have your nose job done in a big city such as Los Angeles or New York, it is likely that the overall cost will be higher. That’s because the demand for nose jobs is higher in these areas. By going to a geographic location where the demand is slightly lower, you could save more money.

The skills and training of your plastic surgeon is worth consideration. Because a nose job is one of the most complicated procedures for a plastic surgeon to perform, you should choose a surgeon with a lot of training, skills, and experience if you want the best results. Expect to pay a bit more for these highly skilled professionals, but most of the time, paying more will be worth it when you see the results. The more complex your procedure, the more you will probably have to pay because complex procedures often take more time, but if you’re having a complicated nose job performed, it is even more important that your surgeon is highly skilled and very experienced at doing this type of procedure.

The cost of using most facilities ranges from about $500 to $1500. Anesthesia costs a similar amount. Miscellaneous costs such as pain medication or antibiotics should also be considered when you add up the total amount for the procedure. Indeed, if you plan to take some time off work to get a nose job done, factor this in to the overall cost as well.


Sometimes insurance will pay for a nose job if the procedure is “medically necessary”. In other words, if you are suffering from medical issues, like sleep apnea, relating to the structure of your nose, it is possible that insurance will pay for the procedure. However, insurance generally will not cover procedures performed for strictly cosmetic reasons. If you’re having a nose job performed to simply make your nose look different, it is unlikely that insurance will cover the procedure.


If you can’t afford to pay for a nose job up front and insurance won’t cover your procedure, you may want to consider financing options to make the procedure more affordable for you. Most plastic surgeons offer financing to patients that makes it possible for them to pay for a procedure in smaller monthly payments rather than paying for the whole procedure up front. There are a number of financing options available to patients who are interested in having a nose job. Talk to your doctor about the choices available to you.

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