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Nose Jobs May Improve Confidence, Revamp Appearance

A nose is just a nose to some, but it is the centerpiece of our face, after all. Patients who are unhappy with the appearance and design of their noses can have plastic surgery to modify and refine shape and size. Nose surgery, otherwise known as rhinoplasty or a "nose job" can dramatically improve the nose and the self-confidence of patients who elect to have this procedure.

Research: Surgical implant for rhinoplasty linked to infection

Rhinoplasty and nose surgery employ different techniques and prosthetic implants to achieve desired outcomes, shapes and sizes. The two most popular implants used for "nose job" procedures are: Medpor and Gore-Tex. Research indicates that these artificial implants can lead to infection. in a study, Medpor was more likely to cause infection than Gore-Tex.

Ouch…I Bwoke my Nothe

OUCH!!!! You've broken your nose. Quick, grab some tissue, a steak and head for the ER or doctor - to reduce your chances of looking like a boxer or former hockey player. Once there, they can check you out. In some cases, your nose can be set on the spot. If that is not the case, you may be looking at nose surgery. If you were considering a nose job before this might be the time to have a few modifications done, while it is being repaired.
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